Thursday, September 24, 2015

New Updates in Bad iPhone Photos

Ladies and gentlemen, the weeks fly by and no time to post but I do have some bad phone photos to randomly tell you what we have been up to.

First off, I work this weekend and I may be having a little pity party thinking about it.  (Please don't roll your eyes Steve.)

Last weekend we did a little tailgate prep and that included baking with our girls.  I really don't get tired of that.
 they still seem to enjoy it too and this makes me happy, I don't want them to outgrow  this.
 We hit the game the next day and the weather was beautiful, maybe a little sunny but beautiful.
 The next morning I enjoyed some coffee and pastries with my sissy, I am so grateful she lives close and we can do this.
 We hit the Nicollet open streets on Sunday, we all loved it.  No cars, tons of fun things for kids and good food.  (Don't mind the 9 year old that jumped in the stroller.)
 Stopped to enjoy the docks with this little lady on a morning run.  I can't erase this story from my head.  Please keep their family in your prayers.  This is the carpenter that worked on our house for a long time and Gabby had a crush on him.  He is the nicest man.  His story has made me stop and think about the precious time we have with our children and our unknown future.
 I have vowed to appreciate our health and time together.
 We purchased this bone at open street from the butcher and it was worth its weight in gold.....this crazy puppy stayed busy for hours.
 We are saying farewell to these 2.....the washer crashed for good this week.  Never mind that they are 2 of the newest appliances in the house.  (I am annoyed.)  Steve told me he couldn't believe I went out, shopped and did the paperwork to purchase all in one day.  I had to remind him that we are 6 people and delivery is nearly a week time to be indecisive when it comes to a washer/dryer.  Happy birthday to me.  I am a lucky woman.
 Had dinner out with a wonderful couple before they leave town:(
 This is how Cece and I feel about grocery shopping.  A necessary evil before my work weekend.
 Baking always cheers me up and my KitchenAid Never fails me....and it is much older than the washer/dryer.
Happy Fall, bring on the pumpkin.  Have a great weekend.
Love, Gina

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Last Few Weeks in Bad IPhone 4 photos

My last post was the first day of school, needless to say so much has went on since that day.  I will randomly review it with my bad iPhone 4 photos.  (If you are reading this Steve I don't want a new phone for my birthday, just pick me one up to be nice.)

The down and dirty in random order……
  • This little lady is growing up so fast and sometimes she thinks it is fun to take her diaper off during the night if we don't put a onesie on her, I will spare you the details of the photo of her mattress art.  (Even she looks disgusted with herself.)
  • I read a good book and now I have "KonMaried"a large part of our house….this is now all of the clothes I own for all seasons.   (It feels good.  And honestly, was I ever going to grow into those bras that fit me before nursing 4 children?  I said goodbye to them so that other less fortunate 12 year olds can wear them;)  Riddle me this: Chocolate chip cookies always fill my back pockets quite nicely over time but why do I still have empty gaps in my bra?

  • Steve helped our favorite family move out of this house, a very sad day but we are still getting to enjoy them a few more weeks.  

  • Many stroller walks and jogs with this little girl and she likes to feed her baby at the same time. 
  • I took this girl out school shopping and loved the one on one time.

  • This little lady had her first ENT and was awesome, no tubes yet and ear infections seem to be getting better.

  • We had a family picnic in Litchfield and these 2 had a moment bonding.  

  • So cute in their new grades. 

  • Steve and I had a date at the state fair this year, we missed the girls but enjoyed some time alone.  

  • We checked out Teddy Bear park with some friends.  A lovely visit at a lovely place.  

  • My sister and I took a trip to Winona to watch these 2 littles during their cousin's funeral.  Sadly Lorna's sweet nephew Gavin passed away last week and it was heartbreaking.  I still can't imagine the pain that they are all experiencing.  Please remember them in your prayers.  

  • We met our friends at the zoo on a beautiful day.  These 2 girls are very cute to watch together.  

  • We went to Lucan for our favorite event, the big dumpling dinner and auction.  The girls loved running around and there was so much to see.  

  • I think an auction is a very fun experience and I have very early memories of going to them as a child.

of course our little country girl enjoyed all of it.  (Pretty sure people were judging me for taking a photo instead of telling her to get down like I should have.  You know it is all fun and games until someone breaks an arm and actually Lucan is where she last broke her arm.)

  • Our washing machine machine is currently broken and they no longer sell the pump for it that it needs.  Luckily I can still use it if I run down to the laundry room and hook up a hose when the machine has 35 minutes left in the cycle.  It is a very convenient process.  (I guess it could be worse, I am not going to Lake Harriet and washing my clothes in the lake, but wow.  All I can say is wow.)  Wishing I could just order the washer and dryer online because honestly, when are Steve and I going to have time to go and pick one out together?  You know college football just started don't you?  If you are reading this Steve, I don't want a washer and dryer for my birthday either.

  • The family also went to the annual movie at TCF and everyone had a really good time.  

  • Cece is still treated like our human doll.

  • Steve took the girls to a Twins game and they loved it.  

And more randomness without photos:
  • Sydney is really doing well with middle school, I am so proud of her.  Me on the other hand….I really prefer emails from one teacher instead of multiple teachers that she sees all day long.  I mean really, multiply that times 3 children and when I get done checking school emails I also work outside the home in my spare time.  I am all for going back to the one room school house with all ages in one room.  Bring it on.
  • Meako still lives with us and most everyone is crazy about him.  He is crazy about pretty much everyone and everything, he enjoys gardening, walks in the park, chewing on my bras, running with Cece's toys and likes to chew on pens on my newest rug when I am in the shower.  Wow he has a lot of interests.  
  • A little Meako story because now I am going to become that person that tells stupid stories about their kids and their dog….insert eye roll from everyone listening….a few weeks ago I was busy in the kitchen (like the good wife that I am) Steve was busy reading the paper and the kids asked if they could put Cece on the toilet because she looked like she was going to poop.  I told them to have at it and went about my business.  From the kitchen I could hear them yell,  "Oh no, she already pooped in her diaper and it fell on the floor!"  And a few seconds later I heard them yell, "Oh gross, Meako ate it!"  Just another well controlled day at the sweet B household.
  • Last week we had our first Curriculum Night at school, this is a time when the teacher explains to the parents the curriculum  and some new parents take notes despite the very descriptive handout and some parents just try their best to look interested and daydream about how this meeting would be so much better with wine.  I rushed in to Gabby's classroom after dropping S & T at piano lessons and G & C at the babysitter.  Everyone was waiting for the meeting to start and I asked Gabby's teacher how she was and she said fine and then she decided to give me a brief rundown on Gabby in her classroom so far. (Might I remind you there are parents all sitting around waiting, looking at their phones and pretending to not be listening.)  The teacher said to me, "You know Gabby has a little attitude, does she have an attitude at home?"  Then she pointed to her seat that was set apart from the other kids and said, "She likes to talk so this is where I moved her."  You know all of the parents were thinking, "I am so glad I am not that Mom."  Wow….we are off to a great start.  I tried not to cry, held my head high and spent the rest of the meeting thinking about the lecture I had prepared for Gabby when I got home.  Parenting can be such a humbling job.  
  • Speaking of little miss attitude she also makes me laugh and I wish I could remember more of the things that the girls say to us.  I had worked late one evening and in the morning I was a little short and grouchy during the morning rush of kids.  On the way to school I was trying to make amends and said to the girls, "I am really sorry I was so crabby getting ready this morning." and to this Gabby responded, "That is okay Mommy, we know that sometimes when you work late, you wake up in the morning and forget to be nice."  Point taken, thank you Gabby.
  • My Mom came to stay the last 2 days and helped with the girls and Beth's kids while we were working, it was glorious and I wish she lived in an in-law suite 24/7.
  • I am drinking a lot of caffeine lately, my iron is up again and my doctor told me I can go off of the iron but she didn't mention going off of the caffeine so I am sticking to it.  
That is the last few weeks in a random nutshell.  We are keeping on, keeping on.  Have a great day.
Love, Gina

Monday, August 24, 2015

First Day 2015-16

Today was our first day of school.  I have very mixed feelings about the first day of school.  Sad because the Summer is coming to a close and I love summer with the girls and still need more time to do a few more things but I will always want to "do a few more things."  On the other hand the next photo is a perfect example of why they also need to go back to school
yes, the fighting and irritating each other is starting to really annoy me and I know they are excited for school to start again.  The lazy part of me as a Mom doesn't want to return to homework evenings.  I really don't enjoy homework and love the "free evenings" that summer brings.  The hardest part was dropping this "little girl" off at school.  Her first day of middle school.  She was nervous and I was probably more nervous.  I can't stand to see the girls so uneasy.  I know it will all be fine but I just wanted to do it for her to save her the anxiety.  I was so proud of her when I walked her into the school.  (Thank you to my Mom, I was able to bring her by myself.)

Her best friend since preschool also came with us and really seemed to help put her at ease.

I saw parents waiting outside, clearly they had been told that they couldn't walk any further with their child.  I was secretly happy that Sydney let me walk her in to her locker.  I kissed her goodbye and managed to not cry while I was in front of anyone.  As I have said before, the passage of time is so alarming to me.  I still remember the day she was born and how I blinked and it was time to bring her to middle school.  I never want to forget any of this and hope that they don't either.

I returned home and then was able to take Tess and Gabby to their school.  It was really hard to walk in without Sydney, we always go in that school as a group and now she wasn't with us.  How did this all happen so fast?  Tess and Gabby walked in confidently and happy to be back to their school
Tess was a little hesitant to kiss me in front of her friends but don't worry, I made her.  (Pride will not keep my babies from kissing their Mama.)
Gabby had no problem at all kissing me goodbye, I do love a 1st grader!  The girls all made me so proud, we are so blessed.   Then I went home to my 2 toddlers, Cece and Meako, the day flew by and we had a nice day.  Now I am very excited to hear about every one's day.

Have a great week.
Love, Gina

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Brave girl goes to camp

Last week was Tess's annual trip to summer camp with her best friend Tess.  Every year Tess goes to this camp and she loves it.  This was a camp that Steve also went to as a child.  As we walked through the camp and Steve pointed out so many little things he remembered it was obvious this camp was one of his fondest childhood memories.  It was really sweet and made me really happy that our daughter could do the same camp that made Steve so happy as a child.  She had a wonderful time and we are hearing about it in bits in pieces as the days go on.  Thank you to those of you that sent her letters, she loved them.

Love, Gina