Thursday, November 26, 2015

Giving Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone every year we have so much to be thankful for and this year even more then usual.  My brother was discharged from the hospital after over a week of care by wonderful people.  He was diagnosed with Endocarditis, google this nasty life threatening illness and you will realize how very blessed we are that they figured out what was wrong and that he is on the road to recovery.   His treatment involves 6 weeks of IV therapy every 4 hours with homecare nurses involved and labs to make sure that everything is on track.  We are praying that the treatment will be successful and he won’t need another heart valve replacement.  So that is our excitement in our last 2 weeks.  Lorna, Beth and I worked hard to be his strongest advocates and moved him to a hospital that was better suited for his illness.  We are so relieved that he is on the road to recovery and so grateful for everything this Thanksgiving. 

Have a wonderful holiday.

Love, Gina

Friday, November 13, 2015

Dear Friday, I missed you so much.

It is Friday afternoon and we are all off this weekend.  The house smells like pumpkin muffins that just came out of the over and the house will be quiet for one more hour.  It is a crisp Fall day and the start of a perfect weekend.  I love how happy Fridays can be with the anticipation of a nice weekend together.  The week was good, so many things to be happy about, I probably should jot them down.  I need to reread them on Sunday night.

  • Chocolate chip pumpkin muffins waiting for the girls when they walk in the door from school.
  • Costco trip behind us, Cece didn't enjoy it and let everyone know it. 
  • Coffee with a special friend.
  • I painted our bathroom ceiling.  Isn't that exciting?
  • Report cards were good and the girls were so proud.
  • Gabby's spelling test is over for the week and thanks to "spell check" in her future no one really cares.
  • Tess is loving hockey so much and thrives on constant activity.
  • Sydney is like her mother and thrives on pajama pants and a good book.
  • I have started Christmas shopping and it feels good.
  • We don't have snow yet and I love it.
  • My SIL is still stable.
  • We had a date with Jim Gaffigan last weekend and I laughed until I cried.  He is really funny and I don't remember the last time we went on a triple date with my siblings.
  • A former lovely patient stopped in with treats and a card for her nurses.  When I came to the desk and she saw me she started crying.  I complain about the struggles of being a working Mom but moments like these make me realize how meaningful my job is and how my job is a gift.  People like this woman are a gift to me.  Thank you C. for making my day.
  • The girls got a package from special friends this week and they were so happy.
  • The laundry is semi caught up and the house is semi clean for the weekend.
  • Cece got a little car from the neighbor family and it has provided her with hours of driving fun outside.  We are so lucky to have such nice neighbors.
Have a great weekend.
Love, Gina

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

And We're Back...

I am happy to say I am coming up for air and back to the normal chaotic business called life with the sweet b's.  I haven't posted any photos in a while and am excited to catch up.  You will be sad to hear I retired my iPhone 4 and now will have some photos that you can actually see with some clarity.  

Lets start our photo catch up with something very important….my birthday!

The family took me out for a fancy dinner at Noodles….sign of the times, sometimes you have to do a lame restaurant in order to keep the children happy.  They were happy and Cece acted bad like a normal toddler in a restaurant.  
my awesome present made up for my lame dinner, they gave me a fabulous robe.  Do you know how much I love a good quality white robe?  (Beyond measure.)
Syd left little notes like these all over the house on my birthday, it was so sweet.
We did our annual family 1-mile run.
We had fun and these 3 made me very proud.
Then the next day my dear friend talked me into the Twin Cities 10-mile.  
we had a lot of fun and even did some smiling!
the finish was awesome and I was so grateful that she asked me to run with her
and I loved that my family got up bright and early to watch us. (Some stayed in their PJ's.)
Hockey is in full swing and this makes one little girl very happy.  I snapped this photo when Steve was out of town and he texted back that I had her pads on the wrong legs. #momfail next time don't tell me!
We spent a lot of time with our Lucan cousins, playing, hanging out and
eating together.  Happy to report Lorna is now on bed rest at home.
Our baby bird broke her wing and received her first cast.
She took her splint off during her final nap before casting.  
She did great getting her cast and we will see how she does when they take it off.
The cast has not slowed her down.
These ladies went to Feed My Starving Children and I joined them, it really was fun.
This special girl turned 9 last month.  She is growing up so fast.
I joined Sydney on an overnight school camp.  It was really nice to be with Sydney but the weather was less then desirable.  Cold and rainy the entire time and we played outside rain or shine.  
Our indoor cat did well but it was rough.  I was proud of her
and enjoyed watching her with her friends.
Syd thinks I am taking the photo of her but I may have been taking a photo of her group leader.  

by the end Syd may have been really over it.  Our stop at Caribou on the way home was a joyous occasion and so was our showers at home.
Over one of our school days off we went to an indoor park and had so much fun together.  
I know my days of them all enjoying the same place at the same time may be numbered but I am soaking them all in right now.
We also went "park hopping" on a beautiful day and took a lot of photos.
Especially of the littlest sweet b.

Poor 4th born doesn't get any attention.
Who doesn't love a pizza picnic?

Then all of the wonder women in the house enjoyed one of their favorite holidays..halloween!

Syd went to a party this year, she had a lot of fun.  (Not sure how that was possible without her Mom?;)
Oh how I love these ladies so much and all the joy that comes with a house full of little people.  

In closing, I am going to let the true Minnesotan in me come out and tell you how glorious the weather has been this Fall.  Minnesotans love to talk about the weather, usually because it is so terrible.  But not this time, it is awesome and I hope winter never gets here!  Dream on.

Have a great night.
Love, Gina