Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Christmas letter 2014

Christmas Letter 2014 is here and a group effort.

Happy holidays!

Friday, November 28, 2014

11 months old

Our little baby is 11 months old!  She is quick as a whip crawling all over the place and getting into everything.  It was tough to get her pictures taken this month, she just wanted to take off. 
 So we tried a group photo and you can see how she like that!
 and she is getting very crowded in the basket.
We love her so much and are enjoying having our little 11 month old.  The girls go crazy every time she does something new.  (Which is nearly every day.)  
Happy 11 months!
Love, Gina

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Evening Random Thoughts

  • The weekend went much too fast and I am sad it is Sunday night.  
  • We had a fun weekend celebrating a special little boy's baptism and a special little boy's 2nd birthday.  
  • I took several photos but am going to actually post in a timely manner and that means not posting a bunch of photos.  
  • I think my baby maybe looks a little like a boy in the photo above...some outfits require a hair bow or something and some 4th borns don't get around to getting a bow in their hair.
  • She is still cute right? 
  • Tess has a mark on her cheek from a very fun snow ball fight she was in the day before.  
  • Someone asked me this weekend, "Do you and your husband want a boy?"  Have I mentioned how rude I think that question is since we have 4 fabulous ladies we are proud of?  (Don't worry, I was polite.)
  • I can't believe it is Thanksgiving this week, right now I am feeling like I have a lot to be thankful for...except for having to get up for work in the morning. 
  • We slept in a queen size bed last night and I really would like a queen size bed instead of a full.  
  • Cece was in the same room and decided to join us in our queen size bed at 1am.  Did you know a 10 month old in your bed is almost disastrous if they don't feel like sleeping?  Remember when she slept in my bed almost every night?  I have come a long way.
  • As I mentioned before, I work tomorrow and must get my tail to bed.
Have a great Thanksgiving week!
Love, Gina

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Four little ladies all in the tub

 I knew there was a reason we put in an extra long tub….
The days go by too fast, I took Tess into the pediatrician twice this week for a strep test….my assessment skills don't appear to be very good with my own children (both times negative.)  I was sure she had it and apparently our health insurance is too good because I took her in not once but twice.  While we were there I had them look in Cece's ears to make sure she didn't have an ear infection since she had one at her 9 month visit.  (No ear infection.)  The pediatricians office must think I am the craziest Mom.  I don't even have to check in, they know us by name.  I say hold your head up high, boldly walk out of that office because really who cares, at least I care and at least I didn't take them to the ER!

Love these little ladies, so sad to start my work weekend, but so happy I have them.
Have a great weekend.
Love, Gina

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Back with a smile...

Soon you will stop checking my blog it has been so long since I have written and my last post was probably a little bit too transparent.  Sometimes we all just have to let down our guard and put it out there, life is not always cherries and berries despite the abundance of blessing I have in my life.  But all is well here and we are keeping up and never at any point was anyone put out on the curb so moving on…..as for all of the comments, phone calls and texta related to my last post I say, thank you.  It feels good to be loved.  I am constantly inspired by the things around me, our children, my patients and their spouses, my friends and family.  Things have been good and if you can stand going through the 65 or so photos you can see what we have been up to.

We had our annual trip to Dad's pumpkin patch and brought bad a truckload of pumpkins.  
The ladies enjoyed each other's company.
The girls enjoyed picking all shapes and sizes.
This one made it back to our house.

this little boy kept us all busy.
The owners of this beautiful farm.  (looking madly in love in this photo!  I kid.)
City girls trying to get things going.
and this farm kid has a purse in the field so I guess none of them really know any better.
City kid who belongs on the farm
and this little 10 year old still enjoys her trips to the farm…as long as she doesn't get too dirty.
The grandchildren with the pumpkin patch owner.
Nothing exciting, I just love a photo of a truck driving in the field.
Then it was time to head to Holmberg Orchard.  Again, I am still very happy that Syd still enjoys this, I am holding my breath for the day she tells me she doesn't want to go.
maybe someday I will find the old photos and compare how much they have grown.
Happy she is happy for the photo!
And the little grandchild makes us all smile.
The corn boat is always a favorite.

And it all begins.

A fun time at "Grandma & Grandpa's orchard."
And I wish I would have kept a separate album for every photo we have of Gabby throwing a fit during a photo.   After 4 children this just makes me laugh.  She keeps the photos interesting.
Then I did the unexpected, my friend had been trying to talk me into surprising my friend for a going away party and on Wednesday the girls were fighting on the 1st floor and I was on the 2nd floor listening to this and then I clicked "purchase ticket" and flew out on Friday for a last minute impulsive trip.  

I was able to make it to a "Going Away" party for this lovely lady.  
I was able to see this wonderful family 
and also this wonderful family with a few little ones declining to be photographed.  (They may be related to Gabby!)
and I shared an ice cream date with these sweet boys.  
Spent a little time in Southie and visited my favorite Camper family and a couple little shops down the street from the condo.  Oh how our little town has changed.  I visited the tenants in the condo and they just welcomed their first baby girl.  It was very sweet and made me nostalgic thinking about having Syd in the condo.  

Despite having a little stomach bug the entire time I was there I managed to choke down my favorite treat before I left.  Oh how I miss Yankee Lobster.  Never enough time, especially on a very last minute trip.  
Then I returned home to musical rooms.  When your children  pack up to move, that is when you realize how much stuff they really have.
Then we made a trip to the Childrens Museum, our girls never tire of this and I really don't either.
Cece and I also took some time hanging out by Lake Harriet before the weather changed.  I realize that next time we hang out on the grass together she will be running.  How is our baby growing up so fast.
But we are so very crazy about her.
She is so very happy.

and we love that little booty too.
and then we blinked and it was Halloween time.  True to the Sweet B household we carved pumpkins on October 31st.  Our pumpkin carving is very "real."
there are no templates or parent perfection, they are designed and carved by the children and they still turn out awesome.
Then we suited up like this!  The tin man had just arrived home from work so he still doesn't have his silver face paint on but otherwise I think we did pretty well.  In case you are wondering, don't buy your face paint at Goodwill, it is hard to scrub off.  (I know what you are thinking, I would never buy face paint at Goodwill.)  Judge if you want, you would if you had 4 children and you happen to be going there already and spotted some new packages at the checkout.

This awesome couple also helped us out that day.  
Okay I know I am biased but wow, aren't they cute?

Then the other day I dug Sydney's first halloween costume out to see how similar they look in the photos….now I need to find that photo from 2004….
We also had company over the other day and this cute baby held our cute baby.  Who is holding who?
On Sunday we took our last family walk at Lake Harriet while it was still green.  So much fun and sadly now everything is white.  I haven't brought myself to photograph it yet.

There you have it, what we have been up to in a nutshell.  Ahh, I love these girls and despite my whining in my last post, I wouldn't trade any of this for the world.

Have a great evening.
Love, Gina